"After dealing with my own personal health crisis, with 2 babies and a minimal support system, it was important to me to create a program that offered not only assistance but a healthy loving support system for others experiencing something similar. As I began looking for resources available I very quickly realized there were many services that still needed to be put in place. Support, education, and healing. We needed something to break cycles and create strong healthy growing communities. And that was the birth of the idea for Mesilla Park Healing Arts."Raven Willow

​ Mesilla Healing, a 501c3 under the umbrella Mesilla Park Healing Arts is committed to community crisis intervention, education and healing on a holistic level.We host a private youth respite care program, The River House, housing youth through temporary situations. Each child is home schooled, and required to do community service to instill the value of strong community bond.“When life gets too heavy, tread lightly and bend like the willow tree, so that you too do not break”

Our Willow bend closets are made up of a large metal shed with free clothes and housewares, a dry pantry of canned and boxed goods, and a soap box closet of hygiene products, and paper goods. Closets availability are by donation and are dependent on the generosity of others..Local healers/teachers/groups can rent our healing room, community room or any of our outdoor spaces by the hour. We offer groups and community events to encourage education and community gathering as well as fundraisers for those needing a little help through a major crisis.In our healing room you can find many holistic services such as reiki, reflexology, limpias, moxa, life coaching, foot baths and more.

Our Athenas Apothecary product line is made up of Quality New Mexico True Certified, CBD products have whole sale accounts nationwide.Most importantly, in keeping with building community strength, Mesilla Park Healing Arts and all its subsidiaries are run strictly by volunteers. Not one staff member is on payroll. We will continue to run by the love and generosity of local volunteers and we encourage you to get involved! Stop by Mesilla Healing 902 N date st 10-3pm Monday thru SaturdayNamaste!